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Going the easier route is always fun and powerful too! Choose any program for just $19.97!

Healthy Living Feng Shui Style

Healthy Living Feng Shui Style: $19.97

Is your home making you sick? This is 

a keeper for a healthier YOU!

how to design a peaceful space

How to Design a Peaceful Space: $19.97

Ever feel stressed out? Follow the peaceful

living checklist now!

Who Wants More Money, Romance & Radiant Health

Who Wants More Money, Romance & Radiant Health? $19.97

Catapult your wealth - relationships & health. 

Follow these simple steps!

Smart Designs: The Eco-Friendly Factor

Smart Designs: The Eco-Friendly Factor: $19.97

Check into these innovative designs

and follow  "Green" feng shui techniques!

Space Clear Your Way to Health & Prosperity

Space Clear Your Way to Health & Prosperity: $19.97 

Learn how to find the energetic points in your home

and how to ACTIVATE them with these modalities.

Clear Clutter and Transform Your Life

Clear Clutter and Transform Your Life! $19.97 

Maintain a clutter-free life by tapping into these


feng shui mini series

Teaching Tortoise School Of Feng Shui New Jersey Waterfalls

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