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Mary Jane Kasliner, Feng Shui director and instructorMary Jane Kasliner is the director and instructor for the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Skidmore College and an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences. Her studies also include a Certification from the D’Amicis School of Western Feng Shui, Flying Star compass School methods from the New York School of Feng Shui under the direction of world- renowned master Roger Green, Certification in Advance Theories of Four Pillars Eastern Astrology with the New York School of Feng Shui under the tutelage of Yasha Jampolsky, a Certificate in Western Astrology 101 & 102 from CCA School of Astrology in Oregon, Certification in Key Concepts of Feng Shui, Business Feng Shui, Earth Acupuncture, Dowsing, 9 Star Ki, 4 Pillars, Flying Star, & I Ching from the Feng Shui Institute in London under the direction of Alan Stirling. Mary Jane is also trained in space clearing, land ceremonies, and Nationally certified in Hatha Yoga.

Mary Jane has received world-wide media coverage from the Associated Press for her work. She has been interviewed on TV and radio many times and is the author of 4 books, 15 feng shui training CD’s, and a feng shui design CD. She is also the owner of Body Space Alignment, a feng shui and yoga consulting company. Her clients include some of Manhattan’s elite.  

Mary Jane brings her in depth training and knowledge to Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui where she uses a combination of power point visuals and hands-on methods to teach Classical and Form school feng shui, as well as space clearing and earth energy work. Students will have the opportunity to apply these theories to their personal floor plans and will progress to perform professional consultations.

Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui offers an intensive and highly effective certification program in Classical Feng Shui. The focus on Traditional or Classical form Feng Shui gives our graduates an important edge in the marketplace. The school is committed to seeing each and every student through to becoming a competent consultant. The commitment to learning this awesome subject matter can enhance your life and the lives of others you touch.

In addition to a high level certification program in classical feng shui studies, Mary Jane also offers a feng shui mini-series for those students who are not ready to commit to a certificate program yet want to learn feng shui on a basic level. The feng shui mini-series has several programs that are downloadable for a nominal fee yet pack with highly effective feng shui applications. It is a perfect solution to a gradual learning process.  

"Learn as though you would never be able to master it; Hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it." ~Confucius

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