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The Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui

Welcome to the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui! This school has been offering a comprehensive study in classical feng shui since 2005. The program design guides our students on a journey through time for profound learning experience.

This feng shui school integrates the classical principles of compass, form, and astrology with modern day green design concepts along with an in-depth look at earth energies through dowsing and earth acupuncture procedures. Our students are also educated in earth ceremonies such as the ancient Peruvian Despacho techniques and Native American Wheel.

The Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui was named after the Sacred Tortoise. This animal holds great significance in the world of feng shui study. The great constellation positioned to the North was said to descend to the earth and grace the land as a protector of the site. Nuwa, one of the three sovereigns, and considered to be the healer of humanity, was said to have repaired the broken pillar to heaven after the great flood by killing a giant tortoise and erecting its feet to hold up the heavens. And finally, Yu the Great was given the Book of Power over the waters and had the villagers build dikes and canals to rectify the repeated flooding of the River Lo. It was he who discovered the tortoise markings that revealed the lo shu grid that was further developed by Keng Wen establishing the later heavenly bagua sequence so readily used in feng shui practice today.

 Excellence & Quality in Feng Shui Education

At the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui, students will enjoy a one-on-one learning process. Each module is designed in professional power-point programs with powerful visuals to aid in the learning process. All programs are downloadable PDF so access to information is almost with you. Factime Q&A sessions are available during the educational training. Students will have the opportunity to assess their own spaces and experience profound changes in their life as they apply learned concepts to their environment.

The student will progress to perform residential and business consultations by applying feng shui methods, analysis, and applications learned during their educational journey. 

The Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui has received Gold Level Status with the International Feng Shui Guild for many years. This means the information exceeds the standards set by this association. Recently, I have decided to take my Gold membership dues for the school and donate them to World Vision Charity.

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Looking Forward to guiding you on your Feng Shui journey!

Mary Jane Kasliner


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